Din Daeng, Din Daeng, Bangkok

Room Rate

Room NameRoom TypeRoom Size (Sq.m.)Daily
ยิ้ม ยิ้ม 1 br285004,200
ยิ้ม ยิ้ม2 1 br285004,600
All rates are subject to change without prior notice

Apartment Detail

Apartment at Ratchada Rama9.
Near - Central rama9, Esplanade Ratchada, BigC ratchada, MRT rama9 , MRT thailand cultural center, 
Have - Car parking , Keycard, Full Furniture, Wifi , Elevators, 
Can talk and look for picture of the room.
Contact 061-4659256 Line id; aodzzie

General Information

Deposit Fee : 10,000 บาท
Advance Fee : 1 เดือน
Water Supply charge : 20 ยูนิต/บาท
Electricity charge : 8 ยูนิต/บาท
Internet Charge : -

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Apartment Map

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