Huai Khwang, Huai Khwang, Bangkok

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Apartment Detail

Building SN Mansion
There are 2 title deeds, 67+71, totaling 138 square wah.
Buildings on title deeds sold as apartments, both deeds

It is a 7-storey building with an elevator.

- There are 6 rooms on the 1st floor, 3 empty rooms, 3 en-suite bathrooms, 1st floor, no tenants. It is a room with air conditioning in every room. Now on the 1st floor, every room The owner is on his own. Room 101 Minimart room (empty room) / Room 102 Beauty room (empty room) with exhaust fan / Room 103 Laundry room (with en-suite bathroom) / Room 104 Kitchen (empty room ) There is a hood / room 105-106 (with an en-suite bathroom) in the past, renting 8,000 per month - because it can open a business.

- Floors 2-7, each floor has 11 rooms, inside are fully furnished in every room (bed, mattress, size 5 feet / TV shelf / dining table, 2 chairs / dressing table with stool / wardrobe / air conditioner / water heater / UV curtains) There are balconies in every room, floors 2-7, rent 4,000-/month, insurance fee 5,000-, water rate 18-/unit, electricity 5-/unit, now there are 22 out of 66 rooms rented.

- On the roof floor, there are 2 additional rooms, a large room, 1 en-suite bathroom and 1 empty room, all of which are owned by the owner.

- Monthly income (March 2023)
Building 1, just renting a room about 100,000-/month, excluding water-electricity or deducting other expenses

-Number of tenants living at present (March 2023)
Building 1 has a total of 72 rooms, excluding the rooftop, 25 rooms are rented, 47 rooms vacant.

- Land sale price with real estate
Building 1 sq m., 500,000 each, set a price of 70 million.

-Employee wage rate
Housekeeper per building 9,000-/month
technician 9,000-/month
Security 15,000-/month

- The construction permit is in the area with the Department of Lands because we buy it later.

Near MRT Huai Khwang 1 km. / Huai Khwang Market 1.2 km. / The street ratchada 1.5 km. / Esplanade cineplex 2 km. / University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce 2 km. / Central plaza rama9 3 km.

General Information

Deposit Fee : 5000 บาท
Advance Fee : 4000 บาท
Water Supply charge : 18 บาท/ยูนิต
Electricity charge : 5 บาท/ยูนิต
Internet Charge : 0

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