Seri 47 Residence


Soi Serithai 47 Serithai Road, Khlong Kum, Bueng Kum, Bangkok 10240

Total Floors: 5  Total :96 Units

Room Rate

Room NameRoom TypeRoom Size (Sq.m.)Monthly
A.Studio F1-1Studio246,300
A.Studio F1-1Studio243,500
B.Studio F1-2Studio243,800
B.Studio F1-2Studio246,800
C.Studio F2Studio244,500
C.Studio F2Studio248,000
D.Studio F3Studio244,000
D.Studio F3Studio247,200
E.Studio F4Studio243,200
E.Studio F4Studio245,700
F.Studio F5Studio243,000
F.Studio F5Studio245,400
All rates are subject to change without prior notice

Apartment Detail

Seri 47 Residence: A luxurious apartment in the suburban district, situated at Seri Thai road, Bueng Kum Sub-district. Carefree of traffic jams. Backside situates the Seri Thai Park, the park in Bangkok with the largest pond.

Rooms are of modern-lifestyle design, large and spacious with built-in hardwood furniture with complete facilities and 24-hour security system.


Public Buses: No. 27, No. 109, No. 27 (air-conditioned), No. 501 (air-conditioned), No. 502 (air-conditioned), No. 518, No. 3 (Micro/Metro Bus)

General Information

Deposit Fee : 3,000-4,500 THB
Advance Fee : 1 Month
Water Supply charge : 19.5 THB/Unit
Electricity charge : 7.8 THB/Unit
Internet Charge : Please Call
• Fully-equipped furniture; built-in in every room; durable and elegant
• Washing machines; Drinking Water Vending Machine service at 1st floor for living convenience
• Cable TV, Internet services in the room without charges
• Parking Lot
• Keycards

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» Official Places :
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Apartment Map

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